Cat vs Dog: Which is the best pet for you?

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Cat or Dog: Which one suits you more?

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We’ve all heard the phrase “fighting like cats and dogs”. There’s certainly some truth in the stereotype of cats and dogs hating on each other – they are two different animals with two different personalities after all. But that’s not necessarily the case. With careful introduction and a little bit of luck the two can live happily under one roof.

But what if you have to choose only one? Choosing between a cat and a dog can be difficult. Here are some cat vs dog facts to help you make a decision:

Dogs are easier to train.

That doesn’t mean cats can’t be trained! But it certainly won’t be as easy as training a dog. Dog’s goal is to please their owner and this, combined with some form of reward (social time, food, affection etc), makes canines extremely easy to train. Cats on the other hand are solitary animals. They don’t happily respond to human commands, therefore it takes a lot more time, patience and dedication to properly train a cat.

Dogs are more social than cats.

Thanks to their pack mentality, dogs naturally prefer to be in crowds of people. They will cuddle with you, will play with the kids and basically will consider themselves a part of your family. Cats love to be lonely. Their primary attachment (if forced to choose) is to their territory rather than to their people.

 Cats potty train themselves

Housetraining a puppy can be tough and time-consuming task. To housetrain a cat, on the other hand, all you need to do is provide a litter box. Instinct takes over from there.

Cats have longer memory than dogs.

Kittens can remember things for up to 16 hours. Dog’s memory is only around 5 minutes long.

Cats are strict carnivores.

Dogs are omnivore just as humans are. They prefer meat but if necessary can survive on plant material alone. Cats must have meat in their diet in order to survive.

Both cats and dogs are great stress relievers.

Multiple studies indicate that pets are powerful forms of stress relief. From lowering high blood pressure levels to helping people recuperate from major illnesses, cats and dogs have been remarkable at helping lift human spirits and reducing stress.