Forest Wallpapers New Tab Theme

Install our Forest New Tab Theme to get a wonderful randomly selected wallpaper of beautiful woods, green forests, jungle, rainforest and more with each new tab.

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What this extension offers

  • 60+ hand picked high quality backgrounds for you to enjoy
  • New wallpapers added regularly, so you never get bored
  • Randomly selected background for each new tab
  • Hand made selection of stunning mermaid backgrounds
  • Quick access to most visited, history, apps, bookmarks and more. You can choose which one to show/hide
  • Clean and simple interface
  • Works offline (no internet required, images are served locally)

How to get my old new tab page back?

If you want to get your older new tab page just uninstall the extension. To do so just right click on the extension’s icon in the toolbar and select “Remove from Chrome”.


Did you know?

Some interesting facts about forests:

Foggy forest
  • The rainforest is home of more species of plants and animals than any other land habitat.
  • Forests cover about 4 billion hectares (16 million square miles) which represents about 30% of Earth’s land surface.
  • The forests play a crucial role in stabilizing global climate by converting CO2 into oxygen.
  • More than 25% of all modern medicines come from tropical forests, including two-third of all cancer-fighting drugs.
  • The world loses vast areas of forest – around 3.3 million hectares every year! However, forests are recovering in some countries. After centuries of destruction large areas of forest have regrown in Europe and North America. New Zealand and Costa Rica have also reversed the deforestation trends.
  • Every year on 21 March the world celebrates the International Day of Forests.