Symbols of Love

Love is the most powerful human emotion. Love makes us happy, inspires us and gives  meaning to our life. It’s difficult to define what love is. Ancient Greeks called it “the madness of the gods.”  In modern times it’s usually described as a feeling of strong attraction and personal attachment. Most people, however,  don’t need a psychological theory to tell them what love is – you just know when love comes.

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Common Love Symbols

  • Heart – When you think of love heart is usually the first thing that comes to mind.  It’s by no means the most recognizable symbol of love – boxes of candy shaped like heart, Valentine’s Day cards and even heart-shaped tattoos – heart has been the universal symbol of love for years.
  • Doves – Greek mythology associated doves with Aphrodite (Venus in Roman mythology), the goddess of  love. Doves are also often associated with monogamy in relationships as they tend to stay with the same partner for life.
  • Roses – Roses are ancient symbol of love. Ancient Romans identified the rose with Venus, the goddess of love. It’s also often used as a symbol of the Virgin Mary.
  • Cupid – In Roman mythology Cupid is the of desire and erotic love, son of Venus (goddess of love) and Mars .
  • Swan – The swan is often used as a symbol of love as well as purity, beauty and sincerity.