This site is home for several Chrome extensions, mainly our hand-picked high-definition wallpapers  that you can use to replace the default New Tab page of the browser.

We follow few simple rules:

Our extensions are minimalist, simple and intuitive. We don’t like boring thumbnails and ugly buttons. The focus is on the pictures and not on useless widgets, menus and interface options

We love beauty, hence the above principle is in the core of everything we publish. However, there are some other guiding principles we follow:

We don’t eat your internet bandwidth and hardware resources. Our extensions work offline, all images are distributed in the extension package itself. No need to worry about internet traffic and you’ll get your dose of beauty with every new tab even when offline. (In the same manner we honor your computer resources. Our extensions only use memory and CPU when working, not like all these lazy extensions that will eat your RAM for nothing…)

We are committed to your privacy and security:

We don’t mess with your browser settings. We don’t add unwanted toolbars in our apps. We don’t change your search settings. We don’t collect your personal information. We just never play shady games at all…

The only change our extensions will made, when installed on your browser, is to replace the “New Tab” page with some beautiful pictures (this is, after all, their “raison d’être” — their only goal and purpose to exist). Of course, you can remove any of our extensions at any time, thus reverting the browser back to the previous new tab page. (Just right-click on the extension’s icon and select “Remove…”)

Last but not least:  

We believe the world should and could be better place for all of us. One beautiful picture can give you a moment of joy, thus making your day little bit better. Picture by picture, moment by moment, person by person — when all these little bits of joy are joined together, we could see how our small contribution makes the world little happier and little better…