Dinosaurs Wallpapers New Tab Theme

Dinosaurs are huge. Really huge! And even though they died out millions of years ago, it seems like they are still alive. And they are so cool! If you love dinosaurs this extension is just for you. Enjoy a great randomly selected dinosaur wallpaper in every new tab. For all fans of the prehistoric reptile!

Features Overview:

  • 70+ high quality dinosaurs wallpapers
  • Regularly updated, more to come
  • Randomly selected background for each new tab
  • A beautiful selection of hand picked HD images
  • Links to most visited, bookmarks, history and more (you can choose which one to show/hide)
  • Clean and simple interface, no distracting elements
  • Works offline (no internet required, images are served locally)

Questions & Answers:

What it does and how it works:

This extension replaces the “new tab” page with random high-definition wallpaper. All the features of the default new tab are still here — in the top-left menu — but the thumbnails are removed and beautiful picture is shown instead.

What options this extension offers:

This is minimalistic new tab theme that comes with only one small menu in the top-left corner of the new tab page. You can select which menu links to be shown on the options page. You can show/hide any of the following links:

  • Most Visited — the list of the most visited sites, as provided by the browser
  • Bookmarks — shortcut to your bookmarks
  • History — link to the history page
  • Apps — if you are using chrome apps, this could be useful (hidden by default)
  • Options — quick access too the extension’s options page
  • Help — quick link to this document

How to change settings

If you see an “Options” link on the top-left menu on the new tab page, just click it. If not, use the following method:

  1. Right-click on the extensions icon
  2. Click “Options”
  3. Click on respective checkboxes to select/deselect menu links

Alternatively, you can visit chrome://extensions page and click “options” link under the extension description.

Show/Hide Links in Menu

To add/remove menu items, just check/uncheck respective checkboxes.

You can de-select all menu items if you want to hide the top-left menu at all.

How to restore default new tab page?

If you want to get back your old new tab page just uninstall the extension.

Uninstall (Remove) Extension

If you want to remove the new tab wallpaper at all, right click on the extension’s icon in the toolbar and select “Remove from Chrome”.